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Poland Work Permit

Live and work in Poland 

Poland is a country situated in the heart of Europe, with a fast-growing economy. During the last years, the standard of living in Poland began to increase swiftly, which became especially noticeable after the state joined the EU. Rapid improvement of the economy, surge in the variety of jobs, and growth in general welfare brought Poland to the top 25 most developed republics in the world.

Our Poland Work Permits:

Allow you the following:

  • The lawful right to live as well as work in Poland for an entire year (360/360);
  • Free accommodation close to an employment site;
  • Salary in 800-1200 EUR per month range;
  • Opportunities to work and live extensively if a person is willing to work and pay taxes consistently
  • Right to travel in EU countries with a local residence card (after receiving it in 3 months);
  • Opportunity to search for other jobs in Poland;
  • Great modern medical coverage free of charge for all foreign employers from the Polish government;
  • What’s Included With Our Service:

Legal consultation on work immigration to Poland

Formal job offer from a Polish company   
Legal assistance in obtaining an official Voevoda 1-year work visa invitation **   
Accommodation letter from the Polish company for the Polish consulate   
Employer request letter from the Polish company for the Polish consulate   
Preliminary labor contract with the Polish employing company   
Express courier delivery of the invitation package   
Visa application support   
Fast appointment at the consulate of Poland on the territory of a country of residence or the closest consulate to your location   
Airport border control Q&A online training support   
Medical insurance for the duration of the residence permit   
On-job training at the factory   
Accommodation close to factory facilities
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Residency & Migration to Lithuania 

Migrate & Live in Lithuania and Have Citizenship in 5 years

Lithuanians are friendly to immigrants, it is very easy to adapt to the environment. It is almost impossible to face rudeness or aggression. There is no bias towards immigrants, other religions, and skin color. The total population is a bit under 3 million people. Lithuania has borders with three other EU countries – Poland, Estonia, and Latvia. Vilnius, its capital, has a population of six hundred thousand people. In recent years, the migrant workers’ level has doubled.

From the beginning of the 2023 year, the Migration Department has started providing the service of issuing TRP in Lithuania through an external service provider VFS Global. Before this, applying for a residence permit was possible only in Lithuania’s migration department directly. For this reason, you had to get a visa to come to Lithuania before that. Nowadays, it is possible to apply and obtain a two-year TRP card through VFS global visa centers that are spread around the globe without a need to separately apply for a visiting visa to come to Lithuania to apply for a residence permit.

Benefits of Lithuania Residency

Benefits of a residence permit in Lithuania

  • 1 – Minimum document requirements
  • 2 – Foreigners can apply via VFS in their countries, and this helps to go through the immigration process fast
  • 3 – Allows bringing your close ones under a family reunion program
  • 4 – It is possible to visit other EU countries without restrictions
  • 5 – After 5 years of having the temporary residence card, you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship later on.

If you are interested in applying for a residence permit in Lithuania or have extra questions, please fill in the form on our website, and one of our managers will take you through all the required steps.

Our document preparation will take two weeks prior to applying for a residence permit. Based on the urgent procedure, temporary residence permit processing time in the VFS office is just 45 calendar days.

If you choose the normal processing speed, then it will take 90 calendar days.

Europe Work Permits

We can assist you in aquiring a work permit in Poland and we're looking at expanding into other European countries.

Europe Residency Packages

Migrate to Lithuania, live and work with the option to gain permanent residency after 5 years and Citizenship.

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